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Bill Miller

Senior Director, MDM Strategy & Architecture, Oracle


With over two decades dedicated exclusively to Enterprise Information Management in various roles from IT to Consulting to Development, Mr. Miller has established a deep expertise in MDM, Data Governance, “Big Data” processes and Data Quality Management. Having been engaged with literally thousands of related deployments throughout the world and within all types of industries, he understands and enjoys sharing what it takes to deliver the positive results that properly organized data can have on increasing business agility.

Mr. Miller believes that successful data management is both technology and art. The technical framework consists of capturing, structuring, storing and distribution. The art is in understanding and presenting what information is contextually valuable among all the elements. And from that, presenting it in ways that can help make it actionable.

It is also about ensuring stability, security and confidence. Confidence that the information relied upon to make decisions and take action - for the business, customers, employees, partners, friends and/or family - is reliable, accurate, current, complete, actionable, secure and presented within a timely context.

“The basic premise to MDM is this,” Mr. Miller says, “Decisions are only as good as the information upon which they are based. This is the foundational promise of Data Management as a practice. Data Governance is the related process framework. But an established, reliable and robust Data Model & Architecture is the technical cornerstone that a proper MDM platform represents in being able to deliver in support of it”.